Nitro Niceryne


Silent / Street Show





« An old ranch door, two crazy desperados and the street becomes Far West . »


Family Show / 40 minutes


5 years and more




Two desperados and an old ranch gate crisscross the city. Inseparable and stupid, these two heroes turn the street into a far-west. Never unnoticed, they have the art of complicating traffic.


WANTED: When they feel like they're being followed, they stop. The door is then posed. This is a sign that everything will begin soon.


Our bandits draw saloon number after saloon number. Tricked real magical tricks that succeed every time ... rarely the reverse.


An Street show to create good humor and kill the bad moods. Autonomous technically to sneak around everywhere.






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70 minutes I à partir de 12 ans
Spectacle quadri-frontal (techniquement autonome)
12 m x 12 m (spectateurs inclus)
Jauge : 120 spectateurs

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